Club Med Academies

Club Med Academies offers year-round sports training for all ages!

Our mission is to change the landscape of high-performance sports training and educate the next generation of athletes. This is accomplished through our world-renowned coaches, our well-established, proven training methodologies, our commitment to high academic standards, our respect for diversity, and our dedication to creating exceptional opportunities for personal growth and optimal potential.


We take our coaching seriously at Club Med Academies. We have worked hard to develop an experienced, knowledgeable, caring and innovated team, using a collaborative approach allowing our students to draw from a wide range of coaching perspectives to help them reach their potential.


Boarding & Non-Boarding Options

Both boarding and non-boarding options are available. As a boarding student, you will have the opportunity to meet new people from other places and different cultures (typically 25-30 Nations represented at any time throughout the year). Large rooms are available with a 2-4 person capacity. Typically our full-time program offers 2-3 student per room, with and maximum occupancy of 4 people per room during select periods throughout the year (Holidays).

Meal Plan

Club Med Academies has one buffet style restaurant, one a la carte style restaurant, and a Steakhouse all of which rate at a 5 star level quality and selection. Meals are provided throughout the day starting with Breakfast at 7:00am, Lunch at 12:00pm, and Dinner at 6:00pm.


Offering a wide variety of on-site activities, Club Med Academies offers a home-away-from home experience like no other. After the work is done, students can relax in a variety of ways, be it active activities or just kicking back and throwing their feet up at one of the pools. From tennis, golf, triathlon, volleyball, basketball, ping pong, swimming, lifting weight, trapeze or any of the many other activities that are available on this property, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Nutrition Program

Competitions are won and lost due to what we put in our bodies. Maximum energy output is essential for elite level performance!

Nutrition is the fundamental building block of any serious training program; that is why the Nutritional Program benchmarks and sets the stage for building your individualized training road map to optimize your fueling, hydration and supplementation. At Club Med Academies, we are dedicated to educating our athletes on the best way to fuel their bodies for optimal performance. Sample selections include: Optimal Everyday Nutrition, Eating Plans to Meet Sport-Specific demands, Energy Balance, Weight Control Education, Dietary Supplements, Hydration Strategies, and Travel Dining

Our Nutritional Program is led by Sara Gauvreau, a Certified Trainer and Nutritionist with over 10 years of experience training athletes all over the world. Her method is science and research based – simplifying delivery to ensure efficient and successful results for individuals with a busy and active lifestyle.

All sport programs here at Club Med Academies work hand in hand with Sara to ensure all of our athletes are getting the nutritional guidance they need to succeed.  We know it’s important and so we deliver the best program we can to develop the best athletes we can.


Club Med Academies has partnerships with many well-known companies for each of the sports offered at our facilities.

Tennis Partners

  • Babolat
  • Head/Penn
  • International Tennis Federation (ITF) – CMA is the Official Training Site in North America
  • Lacoste

Golf Partners

  • Nike
  • Titleist
  • Lacoste

Volleyball Partners

  • National Volleyball League (NVL)
  • NVL Rize
  • Mikasa