Adult Beach Volleyball

If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best. Director Albert “Al-B” Hannemann was a former Olympic Festival Gold Medalist and U.S. Open Champion, and founder of the National Volleyball League Professional Beach Volleyball Tour. He played professionally for 18 years and is known around the world as the top promoter of the sport.

All of our coaches have competed successfully on domestic and international platforms. Head coaches Piotr Marciniak and Karolina Sowala have experience playing worldwide on both the CEV, and FIVB Swatch tours, finishing 3rd in the world and are currently the top players on the NVL Pro Tour. Head Coach Amanda “aY” Youell has 10 years of coaching experience, 14 years of volleyball experience, and 75 career volleyball tournament wins. Her Master’s degree of Kinesiology plays a big role in training athletes in functional movement on the court.

Club Med Academies is the official “National Training Center” of the National Volleyball League. The NVL has become the premier professional beach volleyball league for generations to come!
With instruction on technique, positioning, balance, footwork, set-up, jump height, spiking, defending, bumping, and setting you will be sure to improve your match play. We offer 2-hour Standard and 4-Hour Intensive packages that will bring out the champion in you at your convenience.

Programs Feature

  • Skill development
  • Group training / Competitive drills
  • Learning game tactics / Fitness
  • Mental training

The Difference

  • Camps & Clinics to get players ready for the elite level
  • Coaching tour champions & legends of the sport
  • 8 newly constructed top-of-the-line sand court
  • Fitness and nutrition training with the best sports trainers in the world

Typical Daily Curriculum


  • Properly prepare the body and mind
  • Review and maintain acquired skills

Chalk talk

  • Present the situation(s) of play
  • Present the specific intention(s)/skill(s) to be used


  • In the specific situation of play
  • Measure the level of success of each player
  • Percentage hitting the target
  • Use of proper technique


  • Series of controlled drill situations (drop, fed and/or live ball) geared at learning a new skill, improving the accuracy/power of the selected shot and/or mastering the skill

Situation(s) of play

  • After practicing each individual skills we then use them in a competitive context


  • Cool down and review of the goals/objectives